For Plaintiff’s Attorneys

Get a Functional Capacity Evaluation or Impairment Rating to know how the injury has actually impacted your client, in order to establish proposed financial compensation.
Need expert witness testimony? We’re there for you.

The “Problems”:

Do these challenges sound familiar?

• You want to advocate for your client, but you’re not sure exactly what they need.

• How seriously has the injury affected their life? You need to know, to prepare your case.

• You’re not certain what their work limitations are, in establishing possible loss of wages.

• You need an expert witness who is not seen as biased in favor of the plaintiff or defense.

The “Solutions”:

You need to know what’s really going on.

• Get an objective physical assessment, so you can prepare your case on solid ground.

• The professionals at The Freedman Group are credible and respected expert witnesses.

• Provide an impartial and objective Impairment Rating.

• We can also provide written medical reviews and opinions with the details you need to prove your case.

• After an on-site assessment, we can list any needed home/workplace accommodations.

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Medical Records Review
Court Testimony and Depositions

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