For Physicians and Case Managers

Even in difficult cases, The Freedman Group makes things easy for you and the patient, so issues are identified and resolved, and the case is completed as efficiently as possible.

The “Problems”:

Do these challenges sound familiar?

• Patients have received treatment, but are still ‘stuck’ and haven’t returned to work.

• You don’t know the patient’s actual capabilities, or if they’re making a sincere effort.

• There are questions or disagreements about patient’s injuries, needs or requests.

• You’re not sure if something’s being missed, where to go next, or how to resolve this.

The “Solutions”:

You need to know what’s really going on.

• Once you know the facts that weren’t initially obvious, the way forward becomes clearer.

• Get an idea of when they can return to work, and what their restrictions are.

• We handle Impairment Ratings and the paperwork, so you can simply sign off on them.

• If additional rehab is needed, know there’s a plan that puts them on the road to recovery.

• Be sure their work and home environments are assessed, and adapted to their needs.

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Functional Capacity Evaluations
Impairment Ratings

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Return to Work Program
Occupational Therapy

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Job Site Assessments
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Get in touch and let’s discuss the best way to move forward, help the patient, and resolve the case.