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The Freedman Group can identify what’s really going on with the employee, and help get them back to work or get the case settled. Consult with our professionals who can help resolve even the most challenging cases.

The “Problems”:

Do these challenges sound familiar?

• You need to understand their actual work tolerances, to know how to handle the claim.

• You’re not sure why previous efforts or assessments haven’t resolved things.

• You want to know if the patient showed up for the assessment or therapy and made a sincere effort.

• You have questions or concerns to discuss with someone who can truly address them.

The “Solutions”:

You need to know what’s really going on.

• Get a completely fair and objective Functional Capacity Evaluation.

• Provide an impartial and objective Impairment Rating.

• Get an idea of when the doctor will release them to return to work.

• Know what their restrictions are, and if accommodations will need to be made for them.

• Put them in a Work Conditioning/Hardening program to regain needed work tolerances as long as they’re putting forth their best effort.

• Receive timely reports so that everyone involved can communicate with authority.

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Medical Records Review
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