Work Conditioning/Hardening

Rehabilitation for helping injured persons return to work as productive employees.

A Work Conditioning/Hardening Program is an individualized, highly-structured program designed to help patients return to their pre-injury work level or to increase their work tolerances in a safe and timely manner. This program bridges that gap between outpatient therapy and the physical demands of the job.

A multi-faceted approach for enhancing capabilities and worker safety.

Treatment focuses on restoring musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, as well as safely performing work tasks. This is typically achieved through work simulation, instruction and use of proper body mechanics, and individualized interventions to improve physical capacity. Treatment generally is performed 5 days per week for 4 hour sessions.

The goals of work rehabilitation:

Maximize levels of function following injury and/or illness to maintain a desired quality of life for the worker.

Facilitate the safe and timely return of individuals to work following an injury and/or illness.

Remediate and/or prevent future injury or illness.

Assist individuals in retaining or resuming their worker role, which can contribute to self-confidence and a view of self as a productive member in society, and prevent the negative psychosocial consequences of unemployment.

Who can benefit from work rehabilitation?

Anyone who is having difficulty fulfilling the worker role due to an illness or injury, and who desires to return to work or enhancement of work performance. 

When the worker may have reached a plateau from traditional outpatient therapy, but continues to have difficulties with the physical demands that are required for work.

When the worker is unable to progress beyond a light or modified duty work assignment.

When the worker is unable to meet the full duty that the work demands.or to

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