Medical Records/File Reviews

Our thorough, objective assessment of the facts of the case helps attorneys determine how to proceed.

The purpose of the medical records/file review is to provide a complete medical records review to help attorneys understand and tell their clients’ stories to provide the best possible outcome for their cases.

Reports are submitted in plain, non-medical language.

During the medical records/file review, the licensed therapists create an accurate chronology of medical encounters to provide a clear view of the sequence of medical events. This provides an understanding of the patient’s history from their date of injury/illness until their current medical treatment.

We review records from different medical systems, physicians, and other medical provider so that we can provide an expert opinion regarding the injury and the impact of the injury on the patient.

During the file review, specialists at The Freedman Group:
• Analyze and Interpret the Data
• Create an Accurate Medical Chronology/Timeline
• Create Medical Case Summaries
• Provide an opinion regarding the questions posed prior to initiating the file review.
• Support attorneys in preparing for case filing

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