Home Assessments

We go to the person’s home to determine what modifications are medically necessary to accommodate their limitations.

A Home Assessment is the skillful identification of problems and the art of solving problems with Activities of Daily Living, Homemaking Tasks, Medication Management, Architectural Barriers, etc.

The Home Assessment Evaluator’s job is to remove barriers to the individual’s success with resuming these activities and providing solutions for problems. 

A good Home Assessment includes four basic areas:

1. The purpose of the Home Assessment should be identified,
2. The assessment should be specific to the individual;
3. The assessment should include an objective evaluation of the person functioning in the home; and
4. The report must include specific recommendations.   

Who performs the Home Assessment? 

An Occupational Therapist is the most qualified and trained professional to perform these assessments because their entire educational background and training is focused on returning an individual to functionality.

How long does it take to perform the Home Assessment? 

The time required in the Home for the Assessment varies between 2.5 and 4 hours. The report generation and research time can vary widely depending on the scope of the assessment but can take 4 to 6 hours.

What is included in the Home Assessment Report?

Individualized recommendations for specific product information including durable medical equipment (DME) to facilitate independence in Activities of Daily Living or Homemaking Tasks is provided. The product information will include resources on where to find the equipment as well as the specific product name and catalog number being recommended.

Energy conservation techniques and instruction in the use of proper body mechanics that have been provided during the assessment are outlined in the recommendations portion of the report.

Recommendations for architectural modifications to the home are provided (when appropriate) with specific and detailed information regarding the modifications recommended. The names of a few construction specialists can be provided when requested. All recommendations provided are based on medical necessity.

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