Functional Capacity Evaluations

Comprehensive and objective assessment of the injured person’s current work capabilities and limitations.

This systematic and widely-accepted evaluation process helps determine someone’s ability to return to a specific job. If that original job isn’t available, then we can determine their capabilities and limitations for returning to a different job. The evaluation process takes approximately 4 hours.

Various work tolerances are tested during the evaluation. 

These may include sitting, standing, walking, balance activities, stair climbing, ladder climbing, stooping, crouching, kneeling, twisting and lifting and carrying tolerances. Reaching and grasping activities are tested as well as coordination and dexterity.

Additionally, simulated work tasks can be assessed and include but are not limited to performing computer tasks, lifting and carrying trays of food, painting, climbing in and out of a tractor, etc.

Validity testing is included in every Functional Capacity Evaluation.

This helps determine if the patient is putting forth maximum effort or attempting to manipulate the testing to show a greater than true weakness.  Standardized protocols have been developed and researched by others and utilized in our FCE. Some of these protocols include coefficient of variance testing and monitoring of heart rates.

Non-English evaluations are routinely performed.

The Freedman Group therapists have over 30 years of Industrial Rehab and FCE testing experience with over 6,000 Functional Capacity Evaluations completed. Please contact the clinic for our detailed brochure on Functional Capacity Evaluations, references, or sample FCE reports.

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