Ergonomic and Job Site Assessment

Helping to adapt the workplace for the comfort, health and safety of an injured employee.

The purpose of a Job Site Assessment is to determine the Essential and Non-Essential tasks performed in a job.  With the use of the Job Site Assessment the employer will understand how to match a worker’s physical work abilities to the needs of the job.

Once the Essential Functions have been outlined, then the physical demands to perform these tasks need to be outlined.  The nomenclature needs to conform to the Department of Labor nomenclature so that all parties are ‘speaking the same language’. 

A resource for employers and medical professionals.

The Job Site Assessment will allow the physician with the assistance of the Functional Capacity Evaluation Report to be able to determine if the worker can resume the work required in the job of injury or a different job. The Occupational Therapist will be able to utilize this information when conducting a Functional Capacity Evaluation or when treating the client and simulating the critical demands of their job when they participate in a Work Conditioning/Hardening Program. 

For proper ergonomics, we spend time in the employee’s shoes to assess job demands and risks.

The purpose of an Ergonomic Assessment is to assess, identify and eliminate hazards and risks associated with the ergonomics of an individual’s workstation to minimize injury and maximize productivity. An Ergonomic Assessment can be performed in various work settings including computer workstations, assembly lines, driving, food service, etc. 

The Ergonomic Assessment typically includes the following:

Determining risk factors associated with:
• Reaching
• Bending
• Twisting
• Lifting and Carrying
• Pushing/Pulling Tasks, etc.

Determining interventions such as:
• Training for the Adoption of Proper Body Mechanics
• Reorganizing the Workstation
• Suggesting Equipment Needs
• Suggesting Exercise Programs

Developing a Plan:
• Providing a Written Report
• Providing Specific Information Regarding Equipment Needs
• Providing Next Steps for Implementation

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