Accurate Assessments and Effective Rehab for Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury Cases

Functional Capacity Evaluations to gauge safe work tolerances and sincerity of effort.

Impairment Ratings, Work Conditioning/Hardening, Home and Ergonomic Job Site Assessments and Occupational Therapy to assist with rehabilitation and claim settlement.

For Physicians and Case Managers

Let’s rehabilitate, resolve issues, and close the case.

For Employer Attorneys, Adjusters and Employers

Find out what’s needed to get them back to work or close the case.

For Plaintiff’s Attorneys

Get the accurate data you need to help win your case.

For People with Injuries

Have questions? Find out all the ways we can help.

The Freedman Group is known for resolving even the most challenging cases.

Have therapeutic efforts been made, but the person still isn’t back at work?

Know their actual capabilities and limitations. Are they giving their best effort? We keep everyone in the loop with clear assessments and therapeutic progress, so you’ll know how to move forward with the case.

How can we help?

Physical Assessment:

Functional Capacity Evaluations
Comprehensive study of what their work tolerances really are. Learn More.

Impairment Ratings
Standardized system with a numerical calculation of physical impairment. Learn More.


Work Conditioning/Hardening
A structured program for getting the person back to work. Learn More.

Occupational and Physical Therapy
Helping people rehabilitate an injury to resume tasks both at work and at home. Learn More.

Environmental Assessment:

Ergonomic Job Site Assessment
Adapting the person’s workplace for safe and successful reintegration into the work force. Learn More.

Home Assessment
Recommendations for improved functioning and independence with lasting injuries. Learn More.

Case Assessment:

Medical Records Review
Helping legal professionals understand the injuries and their impact. Learn More.

Court Testimony and Depositions
Expert witness testimony after evaluating injuries and capabilities after evaluating injuries and capabilities and/or reviewing medical records. Learn More.

The Freedman Group accepts the Home Builders of Georgia gold award for the Finished Basement category, and Specialty Room award (October 2021)

In 2021, The Freedman Group assisted in designing an award-winning home for a recently disabled client. 

Accepting the award at the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Awards event in 2021.

For effective recovery, patients work only with licensed Occupational and Physical Therapists –
no technicians or aides.

Your input and perspectives are important to us, to help us have a complete picture.
We’re happy to answer questions and offer consultation to help you get what you need.